I’m Bringing Sexy Back…You Know, As Sexy As One Can Get When One is Leaking Milk

nursing miracle found today- the “mybrestfriend” pillow. it’s like the boppy except that it works. (sorry, the boppy is great to prop the baby up on, just not for nursing). back support, baby head support, comfort, thickness, sturdiness. it’s a Christmas miracle.

if you yourself are planning on breast feeding or know someone who is, do them this solid. it’s available at buybuy baby and probably everywhere else. i bought it at our local hippie baby store. la leche army and lactation consultants endorse it.

so nursing is going awesomestly today and i am thankful. i took it for granted all these weeks that it just sort of…worked. i didn’t much like it but a few days with it not working and now i’m THRILLED and grateful that’s it’s back to game on.

and….doot doo doo doo!!!….my jeans closed today! it was a banner moment. i’m porking out all over the sides, but SO WHAT?! they closed! i have a waist!

and henry has had a good day today. took a family shower to clean off several layers of urine and spit up that accumulated on him in a fine patina of filth over the past few days. then went on first trip to the farmers’ market where he slept in the sling on me. we came home and he was smiling in abundance. couldn’t catch him in the act for a picture, but will soon i’m sure. he seems to hate the paparazzi so far. can’t blame him. they’re everywhere.

later tonight we’re going to attempt to go to the drive-in movie. we’ll see how that goes…

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