He’s Not Fat! He’s Big Boned. :)

1 month well visit today went great. he is right on track for all developmental milestones and growing like a champ! thanking God for our happy, healthy little guy. (and lookie! it’s been a whole month! that’s waaaay longer than any of my goldfish ever made it!)

took his vaccine (Hep B) with a little surprised irritation and came home and slept hard on me, but didn’t treat it like the end of the world (not nearly as bad as a diaper change on his changing table-worst. thing. ever.)

up to 10lbs 5oz (was 7lbs 10oz at birth) and 22.5″ long (was 21″ at birth). 75th percentile.

little hero.

needless to say, i’m feeling better about my milk quality and frequency. baby the hut seems to be growing just fine. 🙂

came home and passed out.


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