Like a Chocolate Fountain Except…

well, we had a great day. most successful adventure yet. we went and visited all my wonderful coworkers at work and then went to buybuy baby for some supplies…and then went out to lunch and through ALL of that, he was either awake and happy or sleeping quietly. it was magical.

so then we got home, and he celebrated his triumph by taking the most giant of juicy craps. my sister was changing him and she started laughing and hooting and hollered that i should come and check out his accomplishment. as i walked into the nursery to inspect what was, indeed, a most fruitful of labors, little monkey started peeing. uncovered and directly into the air, into his mouth. in his hair, and on the dresser…INto an open drawer of the dresser. onto a big pile of clean diapers. onto the floor. onto me, etc. etc. well, by this time my sister was doubled over unable to breathe, she was laughing so hard. and THEN, he spit up all over himself.

yes. he did in fact simultaneously express 3 different body fluids. remarkable.

well, in time she and i stopped convulsing in laughter and were able to clean henry (and the rest of the room that he besmirched). he seemed fairly placid through the whole ordeal.

naturally. 🙂

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