We’ve Graduated!

had my 6 week ob/gyn checkup today. my md diagnosed me as “to’ up from the flo’ up.” that’s what he said. no, seriously, he did.

ok, maybe that’s my own assessment. and i don’t mean to be all whiny. my gorgeous little boy is worth all this and more. and that i CAN breast feed is a total blessing. i got all that. but in the interest of full disclosure in capturing my peri-pregnancy experiences, here you go. i am talking about the following things…

1- i’m going on week 6 of vaginal bleeding (normal- and won’t cause anemia as there is so much extra in there that needs to be purged once bebe is no longer using it). it’s getting a little old.

2- all my joints are weak and achy (also normal- blame the relaxin released during pregnancy and the extra weight). it hurts when i first get out of bed or a chair. i feel like an old man creaking around.

3- my stomach is all doughy and stretch-mark-y and that dark line down the middle is still there (my muffin tops have muffin tops)

4- the weight is not falling off fast like it was at first. i’m 20 lbs up (at least) from where i should be. and apparently it’s going to take some effort to shed it. growl. i hate effort.

5- my boobs are still silly big. like absurdly huge. since i’m now allowed to start running, i have to tackle the problem of preventing them from bouncing into my face and knocking me out when i’m moving at high speeds. went sports bra shopping this weekend and $64 for 1 bra later…i got this shiny pink superhero thing. it is more like a compression shirt than a bra. there are 11. yes 11. hooks up the front. but by golly it keeps things from moving. i think it was made by NASA.

so in all actuality, my doc determined me to be “normal and healthy.” all the above probs are expected, normal post pregnancy changes. and with weight loss should come improvement on most fronts. so we’re cracking down on diet this week. and will start training for a half marathon. hopefully this combo will get me there.

and i am cleared to get back into exercising without restrictions and…sex.

right….about that….maybe i’ll feel up to it by Christmas? of 2015? we’ll see. fingers crossed.

we did have the birth control discussion. i guess it’s a good idea in the event that i have a good day when i’m not hobbling around and bleeding and might feel like some hanky or panky. but under no circumstances will i be taking my shirt off. again. ever.

the options for BC at this point, since i’m breast feeding, are the progesterone-only pill or Depo shot, an IUD, or condoms/other barriers. i’m actually very interested in not inadvertently getting pregnant again soon, so we decided to build a fortress with a moat around my uterus. in the moat we put sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. and on the bridge, dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths. that should do it.

but little champion had a great weekend with family. he is traveling a lot better. and his cry seems more mature. less frantic and more with purpose. it sounds different. he’s definitely maturing. and he spends more time awake, making eye contact and observing the world. it’s amazing and fun.

heart is full even if belly is not.

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