What’s He Like?

at the pediatrician visit last week the doctor asked me what henry’s personality was like.

at first i thought it was a funny question because it’s a little bit like asking about the mood of a guppy or the proclivities of an amoeba. (no offense, henry, but i mean, come on…).

but, in reality, he has a lot of personality. he is, mostly, a very content little boy. he checks out the world around him, seeming to take it all in. and, with less and less effort on our part, he is quite smiley.

but when things are off in his little world- if he’s hungry, wet, dirty tired or full of gas- he is very…passionate. the book “happiest baby on the block” by dr. harvey karp would classify henry as intense (“Throughout your baby’s normal waking and sleeping cycles, he’s bound to experience tiny flashes of frustration, annoyance and discomfort. Calm babies handle these with hardly a fuss, but if your baby is intense he’s going to experience them intensely! It’s as if the “sparks” of every day distress fall onto the “dynamite” of your baby’s volatile temperament and “KAPOW!!” he explodes.”).

yes, that about sums it up. he goes from 0 to full out manic in no time. robb says that if he was a grown man, he would go from smiling and shaking your hand to PUNCHING YOU IN THE HEAD.

that’s what it’s like. rarely to we get a weak little whine. usually it’s a full on explosion. he throws his head back and makes this awful sad face and real tears roll down his face and…it’s all very pitiful. and loud.

today he must have had an upset stomach (i ate indian food last night- related?) because we saw a lot of that sad face.

after being up quite a bit in the night and then with him at home all day afraid to leave because of his mood and the heat, i was ready for a break when robb got home. he gamely took him and i went on a date all by myself. the gym and the grocery store were never more relaxing and magical than they were tonight while i avoided my loud house. 🙂

good days and bad. today was bad-ish, so we’re due a good one tomorrow. fingers crossed.

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