Sometimes I Think He Just Sleeps Because I’m Boring Him

we lost power yesterday. we appeared to be the only ones affected by the downed power line 2 doors down. and, of course, with power went the AC and all fans. and the fridge and freezer.

so we’re staying at a local dog and baby-friendly motel. (surprisingly, apparently all hotels are baby-friendly. we did not know this. i guess it’s not like smoking or bringing a pet- even though it’s inconveniencing to other guests, i guess that’s ok because it’s a human bean…hmmm).

rushing to get out of the house before the hot air bomb dropped (it got up to 104 degrees yesterday), it felt like we were refugees. and all we had to get was dog and baby and us. and we weren’t running from any major threat, really.

i have a whole new appreciation for the following people: single parents, stay-at-home parents, parents of more than 1 child, parents of ill tempered and special needs kids and parents living in hostile environments.

i mean, we’re 2 on 1 and still pulling our hair out sometimes.

so bravo all you heroes i just named. you deserve a statue in the park.

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