Vomitus Maximus

so….apparently all this good will the baby has been showing is due entirely to the zantac we’ve had him on.

i thought maybe he was maturing and was just more relaxed because he’s growing up a little bit, engaging with the world more…


turns out, it’s because he’s been merrily drugged by this little H2 blocker gem. i know this because i missed his morning dose and didn’t give him any until mid-day today and it was a terrible day. he came off the boob screeching and just couldn’t be quieted all day until i got several doses in him over time.

poor guy. he’s spitting up a lot. when he’s on the med, it’s happily spewing down us/him/the couch/ the dog, etc. when he’s not on the med, he’s very angry about the whole process.

so i re-raised the head of his bed and we’re determined to stick more closely to a waking/med/ feeding schedule so that this doesn’t happen again.

it’s miserable looking at your sad baby’s face knowing you could have intervened on his behalf. 🙁

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