My Nipple Just Won’t Stretch That Far…

…and as i’m returning to work in a few weeks, i have to begin preparing to feed my child when i’m not in his vicinity.

this is more complicated than it sounds. pumping and saving milk is quite a process and there are A LOT of products designed to assist and confuse you in this.

fortunately, in the hospital where i work, there is a private, secure ‘pump room’ designated specifically for nursing moms. and it also includes a hospital-grade pump in there, i’m told, so all i need to do is buy the attachments for it. but then there’s the issues of storage and timing and transporting and organization and having enough stocked up and blah blah blah.

i was getting overwhelmed just thinking about it, so i started asking some friends who know stuff.

this is what a good friends said about all of it. i’m going to copy what she did exactly. (well, i might have pics of henry instead of her son, kaleb, but everything else).

enjoy her blog, too. she’s a witty writer with a two year old, so she has all kinds of insights into survival for many early stages.

Mommy Brain: A Tale of Two Titties

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