So There’s a Priest, a Rabbi, and a Water Buffalo…

this blog is not only my confessional and public journal but also, since my hand writing is atrocious, henry’s only baby book.

so, on this day, wednesday, august 24 in the zoo parking lot after a picnic and outdoor concert HENRY LAUGHED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! and you can pick up the pieces of robb and my skull from all over the parking garage because our heads exploded with joy.

it was adorable.

i suspected earlier today when i was playing with him that i heard a giggle, but then he was sort of hiccuping and cooing at the same time, so it could have been an accidental noise.

but this tonight was a definite laugh. while robb was changing his diaper in the trunk of our station wagon.

apparently baring your ass to a parking deck full of strangers is heelarious. 😉

i concur.


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