Do You Have a Case of The Mondays?

back to work this week. everyone has been really sweet and concerned about how i’m adjusting. there have been good moments and bad, but overall, i’m doing fine.

i mean, i miss young hankenstein, but that’s expected and i’m getting through it. i’ve always missed robb while we’re apart, but it’s unrealistic to expect someone to pay us to hang out together on the couch all day long,

and i like getting paid since i’m partial to things like food. and toilet paper. so i’ll go to work for my 40-ish hours/week and just love the hell out of both of them when i’m home on nights and weekends. and since i get paid great money (think scrooge mcduck rolling around on mountains of gold coins) to do something mostly really fun, i don’t mind being at work at all. and it means we can afford to pay for excessive things like organic food and cloth diaper service (yipppeee!).

it helps a lot that we haven’t had to put monkey in daycare yet. he’ll be starting at the center next week 2 days/week and will otherwise be home with my sister, erica, until she finds a nursing job. so he’s in her really capable, fun hands and i need not worry. plus, she’s somehow finding time to not only watch him but also do laundry, keep the house clean and bake vegan muffins! what the what? we should have hired a nanny long before we had a kid. this is awesome.

and at the day care center, he will learn english, spanish, and german in their toddler program. erica is also working on molding him into a sophisticated chap. he gets tummy time often and hears english and elfin spoken in “true blood” regularly. 🙂

so far our morning ritual is working out ok. i wake up a little after 5, shower, nurse henry when he wakes up and then robb plays with him while i pump, then i squeeze on some hank cheeks for a while and robb gets ready and then we all canoodle for a bit before i go to work. robb leaves a little while later after getting henry changed and ready for the day. after we’re both gone, i imagine erica and henry sit at the kitchen table and have a cup of coffee listening to NPR while reading the paper and making jokes about bernie madoff and the decline in quality chardonnay grapes.

and it was a short work week…this weekend, we head up north for my grandpa’s funeral. it is a sad time, but not only are we grateful that grandpa may now find some peace from his pain, but i have to admit that i am distracted from my grief by my own ecstatic joy with henry. and the family feels some comfort from his little warm hug, too, so i’m glad to deliver him up there to bring sunshine to this dark time.

i had to find something appropriate for henry to wear to the funeral and visitation and such…and surprisingly, carter’s does not carry solemn black suits for infants, so we settled on a long-sleeve button up onesie and a vest. it’ll be pretty warm tomorrow, so this dapper ensemble will likely not involve any pants. 100% class this one. 🙂

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