First Day of “School” Tomorrow.

well, tomorrow is tiny dancer’s first day at real daycare. i have his backpack packed, his lunch made and all his clothes labeled with his name. it will be just like school except the kids are encouraged to crap themselves and just like summer camp except that i doubt very much he will be making any dream catchers.

i’m a bit anxious about it just because no stranger has watched him yet. we’ve been fortunate enough to have just family caring for him so far (my amahzing sister, erica, for the past couple weeks while i work- taking great care of him, PLUS doing laundry, cooking, etc, etc..this week she made vegan pizza! everyone should get themselves an erica). he’s pretty easy going, but the centers have safety restrictions on swaddle usage and how/where they can sleep and such, so i’m hoping he plays by the rules and sleeps for them. we shall see.

i was whining a bit about how nervous i am when we dropped in the center earlier this week to finalize things and the director (“ms. patty”) said that some parents cry the first day, some are fine, and some scream at her. wha-wha-what? yes, she said some get really irate and take it all out on her. that doesn’t seem very sensible. i mean, you’re worried about what kind of care your kid will get at this new place so you stress out and you yell at the caregivers, basically starting your kid off on the wrong foot with them and potentially causing them to get worse care. lame. it’s like the patients we have to chew us out in pre-op before their surgery for us running 15 minutes late, not realizing that they’re about to be neked and unconscious and wholly at our mercy. just sayin’. might want to be polite, right? right.

robb drops him off tomorrow. i trust there will be no yelling. wish him luck!!

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