Drop It Like It’s Hot/Feel the Burn

so my weight and clothes-fitting-ness keep going up and down, but generally i’m feeling pretty good and looking less like a funhouse mirror version of myself.

not that i’m quite ready to put away the muumuu, but i’m dangerously close. so i went jeans shopping today (heart the buckle). and, miraculously, i managed to find some semi-stretchy, ass-highlighting, leg-lengthening jeans that can be worn mid-way up my pannus so as not to accentuate either my below bulge or my moist and juicy muffin top!!

the jeans were a success. the shirts, however, notsomuch. the problem is, these wonderful life-giving mammaries are still huge like meatloaf’s bitch tits. and so no shirts fit very well.

and i’m not working out as much as i’d like to. i find that i’m really busy now that i’m back to work. between keeping the house in order (kinda) and playing with/feeding el bebe (a lot) and working full time, i’m worn slap out. (= lazy blogger, sorry guys). so i’m not running often and haven’t done yoga in weeks. and i can feel the repurcussions. the other day i was making henry squeel and giggle a lot by quickly dipping him down to the floor. so, essentially, i was doing full squats. and he kept laughing, so i kept squatting.

i, maybe, did 12 of these. this is 4 days later and i still am feeling the burn. oy.

but we’re getting there, day by day. inch by inch. ounce by ounce. figuring it out and recognizing my body under the fluff.

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