Holy Busy, Batman

working full time + henry-ing= wow. very busy. i find i have very little time to do things like keep up with the house and finish projects (still working on finishing applications for life insurance, a trust fund for McMonkey and re-financing the house. we started all these months ago. if we finish by the time henry starts kindergarten, i’ll feel accomplished).

also finding it hard to find time to *blog* and answer emails and check in with friends who are going through stuff in their own lives (fertility issues abound- so common and so shitty. i want to beat up this thing that causes so much pain to the ones i love). if you’re one of those i’m neglecting currently- I’M COMING, HOLD ON!!

and it’s been ridonculously busy at work, so that doesn’t help. yipes. i’m training new people and PA students and so i can’t pick my nose without someone asking about my technique. it’s exhausting.

but, hark! it’s the weekend! and tonight we’re relaxing as a tiny family and then tomorrow we go to see more of our family and it’ll be great! plus the university of whatever is playing whatnot state university, their big rivals, so it’ll be a fun football weekend, too. since i had a baby i get out of having to actually GO to the games. now i just dress him up in team spirit, drink a bloody mary and then go inside where it’s warm while the other suckers sit in the stands and get rained upon.

anywho- the pediatrician’s visit this week went well. h-diddy is right on track and strong. he was standing up (with little help) on the exam table when the doc walked in and she exclaimed about how strong and coordinated he is. he giggled and smiled at her while she did the exam. and then he clawed up/chewed up the paper cover that goes over the table like the baby monster that he

and since he’d had some diarrhea and was a little out of sorts that day, i postponed his vaccines. will get them next week when i know he’s 100%.

here are his current stats:

-weight- 15lbs 13oz (75th%)
-height- 25 1/4″ (75%)
-head circumference- 16 1/2″ (50th%)

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