What’s That You Were Saying…?

i find that i am very rude as a mom.

several times a day i walk away from a conversation realizing that i can’t recall the second half of someone’s story. which means that i either stopped listening half way through or they stopped telling it because something came up with the baby and my attention was pulled away.

i said i’d never do that. i HATE it when friends are crappy conversationalists because they’re distracted by their kids.

or, rather, i used to hate it. i totally get it now. it’s not that what you’re saying isn’t interesting, it’s that my baby is way MORE interesting to me. 🙂 plus, i know that he will LOSE HIS SHIT if i ignore him. you might just pout a little.

and sorry to any friends who had kids before me if i acted put out when you ignored me for your kids. i now know it’s just part of the deal. your kid’s snot bubble was more pressing than my telling you about how i killed a man with a trident. i understand.

and now i should find myself a safehouse or a relative close by. lay low for a while… 🙂

(for my mom: that last stuff won’t make sense because it is a quote from the movie “anchorman: the legend of ron burgandy.” and i didn’t actually kill anyone. )

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