Heart Fall.

i absolutely LOVE this time of year. love the newness of a fresh school year, love (the idea of, anyway. don’t actually enjoy the sport that much. but really do like tailgating) football season, love the leaves changing and sweater weather. love that it’s my anniversary, my birthday AND halloween all in one month. love that it is swiftly followed by thanksgiving and Christmas and that there’s all kind of fun family gatherings around the corner.

we got married october 5th a lot so we could take advantage of the fall colors in pictures. i hired a professional photographer to come to our house last week for the same reason. i wanted family pics with the fall colors.

i’m having trouble picking because there are 50 and i need to narrow them down and order a reasonable amount! want to cover my house with pics of my kid but a) don’t want to have to take a 2nd mortgage on the house whilst paying for the pics and 2) don’t want to go TOO overboard to avoid henry geting a fat(ter) head and in case we have more children in the future and there would be no way we can compete in the adoration we heaped on henry.

so if you have an eye for photography and want to give your input, drop me a comment and i will send you a link to the site so you can help me pick the right pics! 🙂



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