Happy (Better Late Than Never) Halloween!

pure joy. henry and robb are rolling around on the bed next to me right now both belly laughing. heart.

anyway. halloween.

we couldn’t decide on a costume for hj, so we did several. our original plan was to make him “the creep” from snl, but i worried that if i eye-liner-ed a mustache on him it might leave a red mark behind and daycare would call the people in suits. or, that having a pencil mustache even for a small time might make him into a cat burglar or, worse, french.

so we skipped that one.

but we did make him…

a baby monster!!

a baby cow (veal)!!

a baby giraffe!! (in his natural habitat)

a baby PA!!

and a baby mob boss!!

i think next year he’s going to be a baby “the dude.”

we had a pretty quiet night passing out candy and relaxing. butterball will have a much more stimulating halloween next year, i suspect. 🙂

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