Henry, What Big Teeth You Have! The Better To Monster You With!

munchkin got his first tooth this week. it’s been a long time coming with drooling and gnashing on everything.

it’s a sharp little puppy tooth in the very front bottom. and the one next to it is working its way out, too.

in addition to the drooling, he’s delighting us with a nose full of snot, too. so that shiny slick stuff he’s dropping on everything/everyone- it’s snot spit soup.

he’s waking up a bit more at night and not taking great naps or eating quite as well as usual. and he’s been on the fussier side of cheerful. but from what i understand, the pain of teething is so bad that if i was toothing i’d be hysterically demanding a morphine pump, so i think he’s handling himself pretty well. still full of smiles. a tiny trouper.

and i guess this is his first cold, maybe. no temp or anything, just the congestion/snot and a dry cough- although, that might be from trying to keep on top of all that drool. in the middle of the night last night i broke out the nosefrida snotsucker and, contrary to my fears, it does give a pretty good clearance suck for him but i didn’t end up with a mouth full of it.

we’ll see how he feels this week. poor little love.

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