Ooh, Baby, You Thick!

we have caught on and are now aware that the following words are all synonyms for “cream-filled baby chubster.” we hear all of these regularly: stout, stable, sturdy, solid, and hefty. as in, “wow. what a sturdy little man you have there. he’s certainly eating his wheaties isn’t he? (and everybody else’s, too, apparently).”

he’s just a pounds away from people calling him “big boned” or for him to start receiving hefty underwear for Christmas presents.

makes me think of this snl fake commercial for baby spanx (i know i’ve posted it before).

he’s growing just like he should be. babies should be chunkers. he’ll slim out once he’s walking. probably. maybe. perhaps. i wonder what it would take to make diet breast milk? 🙂 for the record, if that requires me NOT eating 4 types of fried potatoes in 1 weekend, i’m out.

and anyway, i think he’s perfect the way he is. i don’t know what everyone is talking about.


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