Henry Now Plays Peekaboo and Can Put His Entire Foot in His Mouth (Not Simultaneously, That Would Be a Choking Hazard)

it freaks me out a little to have published a youtube video entitled “peekaboo,” since i assume there are less savory videos of the same name out there in the ethers. like one involving a sweaty, hairy 60 year old man wearing nothing but a lady godiva wig, gardening gloves and a smile? something like that.

but this one is just cute. and henry mcmonkey mcbean is just getting more and more fun every day. he had a GREAT week/end all over the state visiting family. he was a total rock star being passed around for everyone to squeeze on and he slept in the car in his chair of pain every time we went anywhere! (ahhhhhhh- choir of angels singing hallelujah). he also seemed to make some big developmental changes this week. he is almost sitting up entirely on his own now. also grabbing and manipulating things with both hands and making rudimentary tools/weapons/musical instruments out of everything around him (like a monkey). he is also putting everything in his mouth all the time (like a monkey) and making lots of new calls and coo noises (like a...).

and without further ado….

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