Super Nanny Must Take Her Leave Now, Children

this is our last week with my sister, erica, watching henry. she is moving on to her real job and henry is moving on to full time daycare at the baby mill. we are all *sniff* prepared for this *sniff* transition.

it’s been really nice having her here for a myriad of reasons, but one of them is that she updates me and sends me pics all throughout the day. some are seeking advice or talking minutia of baby upkeep, some are sweet, and most are really funny.

here are some examples of henry update texts. this is just a small sample of them. and does not include all the millions of texts where she’s asking me what she should shop for/cook for dinner. (awesomeness).

8/31/11 (sarah’s first day back to work off of maternity leave)-
“he’s happy now. 3 diaper covers and 3 outfits later. 🙂 i think auntie is failing to cover the tiny bum well enough. lol.”


“hey, uh, auntie e? will you please quit taking pictures and remove the fresh shart from my pants please? hi?”


“he’s good good! he really loves tv. more than eating. i had to turn it off so he wouldn’t be distracted from the bottle.”


“deep in thought.”


“just walked to two grocery stores and back and this dashing young fellow did not cry once.”


“just leaning back, watching “the office.” i feel like one of his hands should be in his pants like a true man.”


“he had a super mega buttsplosion so he got a mini bed bath lol.”
“he’s pretty inconsolable and a little hot. poor little guy. 🙁 “

“sleeping it off.”


“you know how deer scratch their antlers on trees? deer antlers is to henry claws as trees is to couch.”

“just answered the door to Jehovah’s witnesses (oops) and henry was wearing his monster suit and let out 2 big farts. proud?”

“concentrating on something.”


“i just stuck out my tongue at henry and he grabbed it. with both hands.”
“and it’s the last thing the camera ever saw…”

….and there are many, many more like these. we’re so thankful for the time we had with auntie e. she’s been a blessing! we love you and will miss you!!

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