6 Months Peds Visit, Off the Charts on Cheek Size

weight= 19lbs 2 oz (80th%)
height= 27 1/2″ (90th%)
head= 17 1/4″ (50th%)

so chunkin munkin is doing great all around. we discussed encouraging solid food intake and sleeping through the night better. he’s healthy and happy. has a little thrush in his mouth we’re having to treat. we’re backing off his zantac now that his reflux is improving as he’s developed a stronger sphincter to keep the acid out. he has a snuffly nose, so i’m waiting on his vaccines just briefly until he’s a wee little less snotty.

doc is happy with how he is doing. 🙂


  1. Beth

    We tried backing Evie off the Prevacid she's been on since she was 4 weeks old. We figured since she's older and has been eating some solids for a while she might not need it anymore–wishful thinking on our part! She was fussy, cranky, backed up, and slept poorly–were those things related to being off the Prevacid? We don't know for sure, but she's back on it again (and is much happier).

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