Denial is a River in Egypt as Deep as I Am Fat

so i got some unpleasant numbers today.

i finally asked the nurse at my ob/gyn’s office about my weight gain over my pregnant and post-pregnant time. i had not known an actual amount gained when pregnant as i never remembered what my starting weight was.

now i know.

and, balls.

where i started was not as high as i thought it was. not nearly. at all. or even close.

all this time i was remembering myself as pretty big to start with (what with the previous pregnancies and hormone supplements, etc) and thinking i was back close to my starting weight.

but, alas. i am 17 lbs over what i weighed in october of 2010 when i was 6 weeks pregnant with monkey butt.

and during my pregnancy i gained a total of…..62 lbs.

what the WHAT?


i have a longer way to get back to ‘normal’ than i thought. this will hopefully prove to be a motivation. conveniently, we just started a weight loss contest (for $$ and bragging rights) at work. between realizing i’ve been delusional all this time and having the incentive of a competition, i think i’ll really get in gear.

as soon as i finish this ice cream sandwich.

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