Henry, Your Mommy’s Here!

when i pick him up from daycare and have to be let in through the security door by one of his keepers, they call ahead of me into the room, “henry, your mommy’s here!!”

it makes my heart slosh around in my chest and pump all warm and oozy. i am somebody’s ‘mommy.’ and not just anybody’s, but this amazing little person’s.

it’s the most incredible thing i’ve ever experienced.

and i do ok, being away from him all day at work…but come 2 o’clock or so, i start to get a little shaky and start jonesin’ for those cheeks. my thoughts turn from blood pressures and suture choices to “babybabybabymonkeybabyhenrybabybaby.”

and after i pick him up and gather all his goodies and get his report from the day and all that, i take him out to the car and steal a few minutes of snuggling and making sure he hasn’t grown too much while i was gone, before i strap him into the chair of pain. i love those minutes. as an added bonus, when he’s been at daycare, he smells like apple juice and graham crackers, which is delicious.

so as much as life has changed entirely, i couldn’t be more joyful and full of love. i am so thankful to be henry’s mommy.

this pic is several months old, but i just found it and think it’s bad ass.

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