Everything is Just a Little Bit Soggy

slimy baby has a new, third tooth! and with it, a snotty nose.

and he has this new, fun habit of grabbing both sides of your face by your hair/ears and coming at you full speed with the objective of putting as much of your head in his mouth as he can fit. he moves at terrific speeds. you never see him coming! and then he sort of open-mouth gnaws/snots on you all over and makes sure to paint it on both your cheeks, forehead, neck.

by the time you realized what happened, you’re wringing out your eyebrows and you look like a ‘slimer’ victim and you’re in a state of shock and are probably holding yourself and rocking under a desk somewhere. but every time you close your eyes, you see that sloppy jack o’ lantern barreling toward you…

it’s adorable.

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