Porter Tomater

it’s been quite a week.

i was out of the state for some training and spent my first night away from monkin. everything went well. he and robb had fun together and managed just fine. and i got to watch joan rivers and kelly osbourne talk SAG fashion disasters and drop terrible one-liners while lying in a fluffy hotel bed in which i then got a full 7 hrs of uninterrupted hotel fluffy bed sleep.

when i got home tuesday, henry’s snotty nose and little cough had devolved into wheezing and a big wet cough, so i called my pediatrician and we ended up taking him in wednesday. his little nostril was swabbed and they found that he has RSV, a super common viral respiratory infection. it’s not a big deal in big people, but can be quite catastrophic in tiny ones and can increase the odds for asthma affliction in the future. so we’re giving him nebulizer treatments and trying to get him to drink/eat as much as he can. he’s managing just fine. no real distress at this point. he loathes the breathing treatments and throws himself around and screams for the whole 8 minutes unless we double team it and one of us is entertaining him with puppets and dancing and pyrotechnics while the other one holds him down.

that’s an awful feeling. so is hearing that pitiful little cough and wheeze.

there’s this great kids program called “veggie tales.” in one episode, the cucumber is telling the tomato that he (the tomato) can’t dance, in spanish….and he says “pobre tomate, no puede bailar.” my family has always used that when we’re sympathizing with someone. but my dad never gets it quite right (intentionally to make us laugh, i believe) and destroys it with “porter tomamer” and other similar silly fails.

well, henry really is a pobre tomate.

he’s out of daycare the rest of this week and all of next to make sure he recovers completely before going back to the germ farm.

but, really, this week was the first time he had to go to the sick kids waiting room at the pediatrician’s. he’s almost 8 months old. that’s pretty good! what a little war hero.

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