Thinking About Replacing All my Furniture with Nerf

sorry it’s been so long since i’ve updated the blog. we’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger around here. robb and i are both working long hours with exciting new work projects and henry never holds still for a second. not ever. not one second. ever.

really, monkey business’s world has totally changed. he is crawling every which way and starting to climb a bit, too. he’s making me see our house as less like a cozy bungalow and more like a baby fingers remover-ator. if it can’t be pulled down on top of him, then perhaps he can wedge himself between it and something sharp/heavy/toxic. and if he really shouldn’t put his fingers in that or his mouth on that, then he’s dodging, dipping, ducking, diving and dodging to get to it. sometimes he seems to be hugging us, but really he’s just lulling us into complacency while he reaches for the chain saw or rat poison behind our backs.

we’re slowly installing electrical outlet covers and anchoring the heaviest and most easily toppled items and gating him out of places….but mostly we’re just following him everywhere he goes. we follow him and the dog follows us, so we’re like one big family unit moving en mass around the house from one pokey shiny thing to the next.

7 teeth now, working their way up. he sort of plays with them, jutting his little bottom jaw forward to feel how the two rows meet. i remember feeling that way when i got braces. where there were smooth teeth (or gums, in his case), now there are sharp and painful bits crowding out your lips.

he’s sleeping better. overall, better. the crying-it-out thing is going alright. he now goes up to 7 hrs at a time sleeping straight through, which is a huge improvement. but we’re still working on it. we haven’t had the same results a lot of my friends had who said “they cry for the first 3 nights and then they’ll sleep 12 hrs at a time, no problem.” but things are getting better. when he does wake up in the night, he’s (usually) able to get himself back to sleep in a matter of moments. and that’s a big step forward.

the whole teething thing certainly doesn’t help the sleeping cause, but eh…whatcha gonna do?

through all of this, he is a sweet, smiley, genuinely nice guy.

such a blessing. i got to congratulate a friend today who is several months pregnant with her first child and i said without hesitation that this year, with henry, has been the best year of my life. he is just bliss.

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