Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…

i enjoy a good bit of chaos. things get too organized and sensible and i panic.

so i’m in a good place right now.

life is very hectic. between staying after a now very active h monkey and trying to keep on top of all the household stuff and trying to exercise and make good, healthy home-cooked meals and work full time (plus), and find a few minutes to spend just robb and me, and maybe blog now and then, perhaps read a book….it’s a doozy.

work, especially, has been really intense and interesting lately. i’m learning new skills. which is so fun! but also a lot of new stress and hard work. and it’s requiring long hours and lots of focus- two things that are rather difficult to come by being a mum of a tiny chublin.

so far, i still feel like i’m keeping my ahead above water. although the option of going part time does exist, i really think we’re making the daycare/work/home thing happen so far. we’ll re-evaluate down the line, i’m sure. but so far so good.

and since henry’s almost 9 months old and we’ve decided to stop swearing around him when he hits 9 months, i have to go to work so i have a place to use my well-honed potty mouth. 🙂

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