Something Sticky This Way Comes

on this, the eve of henry’s ninth month birthday, i gotta tell you, we are living in a river of snot.

and both critters- human and canine alike, are currently getting eye drops. dog’s is for a corneal abrasion she got in the woods, h monkey’s is for pink eye. and he has an ear infection to boot. so he’s also on his first antibiotic.

i’m paranoid i’m going to cross their eye drops and henry will get mia’s and develop the ability to see in the dark, but also the impulse to dig in the backyard…and mia will get henry’s and lose continence.

the dog is in worse shape than the child. she squints and looks generally miserable, despite pain meds tucked in cheese. henry is actually doing quite well. other than the cough and the snot (SO MUCH SNOT), you’d never really know anything was wrong with him- eating, sleeping, and smiling.

but once again he’s out of daycare (only for 1 day). i both love and hate daycare right now. LOVE because they’re so good to him and convenient and he seems to enjoy it so much. HATE because he is, literally, always sick. and i know exactly where he got it.

it was that disgusting hairy child, i’m just sure of it. henry and him always seem to share the same space and this hairy kid has all sorts of snotty boogary stuff running down his face all the time and is coughing (and NOT covering his mouth) constantly. so my kid’s sick because the hairy kid’s parents insist on sending him to daycare with the consumption. grrrrr…..

but anyway, it’s sunny out and henry is sweet and marvelous and we are so blessed!

more tomorrow after his 9 month appointment.

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