Nine is Fine!

busy (=blurry in photos) short man turned 9 months today!

and he is on the go. crawling everywhere for the past week or so, he is now pulling himself up on us and furniture and trying to stand all the time.

his little personality is coming out, too. he has ideas of what he wants/doesn’t want and he sho’ nuff lets you know ’em. he also sticks his tongue out and claps his hands now, so his trained monkey tricks are improving, also.

all his busy-ness is spending calories. his weight is down from where it was. he’s less cartman and more batman now.

-20lbs 9oz (50th%)
-28 1/2″ tall (75th%)
-head 17 3/4″ (70th%)

he’s slowing down some. was 90th% for height and weight at 6 month visit. he is healthy and well, but i’m wondering if he could be eating more than we’re giving him. we’re going to start giving him more solid food and start finger foods and maybe back off a wee bit on the breast milk. the pediatrician and i talked vegetarian/dairy-free options for babies and she was very encouraging. we’ll get protein in him via eggs and beans and grains and such and see how he does.

everyone marvels at how good natured he is. he just smiled and babbled through the whole exam despite having all parts poked and prodded. just a nice, happy guy.

i am beginning to realize that he’s not a baby anymore. any discussion on weaning breastfeeding gives me anxiety. and we’re already talking first birthday plans. now, don’t get me wrong. i’m so ecstatic he’s happy and healthy and beautiful and here with us and has survived us for going-on a full year- i want to rent a blimp and paint the sky with his praises…but it also means he’s a real person and less a dependent bebe. changes my mommy status some. starting to deal with some of those emotions. more on that later.

at least he’s not losing too much weight in those cheeks. those cheeks!

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