Nine Months On, Nine Months Off!!

well, the weight was a lot more fun to put on (hello, costco cake, i miss you! bff’s for life!) than it was to take off, but off it is. between managing my intake on myfitnesspal and running regularly, plus still breast feeding, i’m finally shedding it.

i have officially lost all 62 lbs that i gained. and in the last few weeks it’s really shown. i feel tiny all of a sudden. i keep petting my belly and trying on my old jeans and dancing a lot when they fit. people are noticing. (the thinness, i meant. but i’m sure they’re noticing the dancing, too). it’s all very exciting and flattering.

i still have 7-10 to lose until i’m where i want to be, but i feel like i’m on the right track.


remember when my sister did a mold of my belly? it was 6/6/11 and it looked like this, with henry monkey still inside:

well, here’s the mold today 3/24/12 :

and here’s henry monkey on the outside:

and here’s me dancing about it.


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