The World Only Gets More Funner at Higher Speeds

sorry i’ve been such a negligent blogger as of late. we’ve been BUSY up in heya. the usual stuff- work, home stuff, exercising, family gatherings, blah, blah, blah.

and henry has a very active life these days. hugely busy agenda. between picking up every piece of dirt that fell off our shoes and putting them in his mouth, and pulling himself up on furniture and then falling and bonking his head, he just doesn’t have a spare moment! when he does find the time, his hobbies include hiding lentils in the couch and tormenting the dog.


but, truly, he’s doing awesome. crawling everywhere, standing (not without holding onto something/someone), babbling, playing with toys and eating! he’s now added some proteins to his long list of fruits and veggies that he *enjoys*…lentils, black beans, coconut milk yogurt, hemp protein, and quinoa. so far so good. we’re giving it a few days between each new addition to make sure he can tolerate it. there are some things he makes a dramatic display of not liking, but no signs of allergies so far.

i think daycare thinks we’re insane (see list of foods we send him with, above).

he’s been cough and snot free for over a week! we should get one of those signs like they have in industrial places for days without injuries. SNOT FREE FOR ____ DAYS.

he’s also sleeping better. he goes down at about 7:30 now and sleeps until 6:30 or 7 only waking up to eat once around 3 or 4. i’m ok with that. it’s working for us. and he’s napping maybe a little better. totaling 90 mins or so between 2 naps. kid just doesn’t like to sleep that much. and he’s cheery throughout, so seems it’s not hurting him.

oh, and he’s really discovered where the milk comes from. not only is he screeching for me now (think howler monkey just stepped on a tack while tea kettle is going off), but in church today he actually pulled the front of my sweater out and plunged his whole head in.


the goal is to nurse until 1 year. but if he’s going to be a wily little rude monkey, we might need to renegotiate the terms. 🙂

we’re getting him outside a lot in this kooky warm march weather. dirty feet and all! so fun. and we recently got him on the swings at the park for the first time. he gets beside himself with glee. so awesome. see below.

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