spoke too soon. SNOT FREE FOR ___0___ DAYS.

….it’s almost summer, it’s almost summer, it’s almost summer……

anyway. newest development: angry, red-faced baby lunging his entire body toward me, screaming bloody murder until he gets to me. then clinging for dear life when he does.

it was flattering for about 5 seconds. now it’s mostly sad and stressful. and it’s making robb feel like mud.

it’s really only when henry’s already upset that he really wants me and only me. hungry, tired, in pain. then it’s MAMAMAMAMAMA. when he’s otherwise content, he’ll happily and lovingly play with dadadadada.

it’s making me late for work a lot. 🙂

ok, to be totally honest…there is something really precious about being the one who is able to stop those little tears. even if it’s mostly just because i smell like milk.

but i’m wondering how much to succumb to it. and how long it will last.

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