My Tiny Tweaker

i’ve decided that baby humans are a lot like adult humans on PCP or meth.

all day long he throws himself off/into sharp/hard things, grins maniacally, makes crazy noises and speaks in nonsense languages, displaying no inhibitions. he’ll be crying and throwing food one minute and ravenously hungry the next. he craps his pants. he beats himself up and people around him…and then, out of nowhere, he crashes. falling into a deep sleep, often still in his clothes and in the strangest places.

yep, that pretty much covers monkeybusiness now that he’s crawling and getting into everything. we have to watch him every second or he’ll for SURE have brought a table down on his head or put the dog in his mouth.

and he leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes.

it’s wonderful. i love the stage. he’s hilarious.

perhaps i’m an enabler? i still want to pad my whole house.

and, as one of my friend’s suggested, perhaps henry would benefit from an intervention? 🙂

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