Eventually This Child Will Have One Helluva Immune System

and…sinus infection. no ears and no lungs involved (so far/this time) thank God. but we have one snotty, coughy, fevery little boy.

he and i both have had sinus crud for a week. mine got better and so i assumed his was, too, but then this weekend it just got worse…so back to the MD yesterday,  and now on our (bloody) 3rd cycle of antibiotics this winter/spring.

it seriously feels like the poor guy has been one week on one week off sick/healthy since october. grrr.

and the symptoms are all worse in tiny people. where i can identify and treat my sore throat, he just drools and whines. when i have phlegm in the back of my throat, i can clear it out. he just sort of drowns in it. i am coordinated enough to eat and breathe at the same time when my nose is plugged up. he…isn’t.

so it’s been rough. he didn’t sleep at all last night. we kept him home today, w/ robb and i both taking half a day off. it was some nice jammie cuddle time. and he hasn’t had a fever all day and has tons of energy, is eating ok, etc, etc. so hopefully he’s on the mend.

it was hard for me to be at work this morning, even for a few hrs, knowing that he was here and feeling (allegedly. now i think he’s faking it) rotten. i just want to fix it for him.

i’m thanking God he’s got these small, treatable little ailments and is otherwise a healthy, happy, busy little guy. he’s a war hero and will surely get through this bout like he has all the others, quickly and continuing to laugh, even though it’ll just devolve into a coughing fit.

feeling pretty bad at the pediatrician’s office.                   an hour later, feeling swell. 🙂


  1. Brianne

    Betty had ear infection after ear infection her first year. I thought I was literally going to pull my hair out! No fun seeing the tinies so sick and helpless. Must be the way it is for some that age. Betty's been sick maybe once a year since then! Hang in there, maybe H will be the same! Sending well wishes, to you both, more to him. 🙂

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