so i’m always getting accused of being a hippie because of our weird food restrictions and such.

and i say we kinda are and we kinda aren’t. we pay a lot of taxes and don’t do drogas and we believe in vaccinating and circumcising and all that stuff, so we can’t be real hard-core hippies. but we do also vote for ron paul and eat a mostly vegan diet (we do eat eggs and i eat a little fish), use cloth diapers and glass bottles, recycle, etc, etc…so we are a little bit hippie. 

but really, i think it’s mostly the diet that has people associating us with hugging trees, granola, and patchouli. i know the daycare ladies think we’re nuts with the stuff we send to school for henry. they probably feel bad trying to convince him that my rutabaga spinach concoctions are worth trying.

i make every effort to laugh off our goofy choices and not take ourselves too seriously. but apparently i’m failing at this because the other day when they put his very dirty diaper in a plastic bag to mask the heinous stench, they were concerned that i would be concerned about the use of a plastic bag. ay yay yay. i want to say, “no, we’re not that green! were some of the normal ones! it’s totally cool to use plastic bags! just don’t give my kid an egg that didn’t come from a free-range hen fed a diet of hemp and chia seeds who gets acupuncture thrice a week. no big deal!”


we’re pretty food-conscious. we eat an extremely balanced diet heavy in fruits and vegetables (especially green leaffies) but also seeds, nuts, high protein grains, and coconut milk. we eat as much organic as we can- especially following “the dirty dozen/clean fifteen” rule. (i have lots of info on infant nutrition if anyone’s interested- just lemme know).

so in order to get henry all the iron and protein and other nutrients that he needs, we need him to eat colorful foods that lots of kids think are buck nasty. he does pretty well with it, but between being ill lately and suddenly developing a passionate aversion to using a spoon, it’s been a challenge getting him to eat.

so super long story even longer- i tried this recipe and it worked awesome!! henry could pick up and eat chunks of it with his fingers. and he seems to like flavor. every time i make something w/ spices in it, he prefers it to just plain ‘ol whatever.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Quiona Patties

-i didn’t have any corn and i wanted to sneak in some spinach, so i used that instead
-because i was making it for monkey, i halved the chili powder and cayenne
-i did not use sunflower seeds cuz i didn’t want him choking on anything too small to grind with 7 teeth
-i fried them (yum) in canola oil and then baked them at 250 for a while to get them a little drier/tougher

….then when robb and i had them, i added this jamaican jerk sauce that was AWESOME
-jalepenos subbed for the peppers they asked for.

delicious! and nutricious. high five to self.

see? he likes it! he really likes it!
just the right amount of spice for baby monsters
finished product for the grown-ups- with jerk sauce

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