Eleven is ROOOOARRR!

henry turned 11 months today! he celebrated by eating huge piles of food and pooping a lot.

this is sort of how he celebrates all momentous occasions in his life. 🙂

he is a growing boy. i think he’s in a growth spurt right now. he’s weaning slowly off of breast milk and is really taking to all kinds of new foods. he eats better and better with his hands and has learned how to shovel food in his mouth if it’s hanging off his lip like wounded prey.

he is up on his feet all the time and keeps toying with the idea of independently taking a step, but hasn’t yet.

but he is excellent at scooting and crawling and pulling himself along on things.

he laughs and plays all the time. he seems to really like books, as he’ll actually sit still for about 9 seconds to read one. something he otherwise is loath to do for anything. his favorite book right now is “i love you, stinky face” by lisa mccourt.  the story is funny, the illustration cute, the binding tastes great and its heavy stock pages make it super fun to slam shut. and then we giggle.

he is communicating a little bit. occasionally we get “mama, dada, baby, hiiiii!” directed sort of appropriately. he shakes his head to indicate he doesn’t want something (or simply throws it, either ways is effective). we’re working on a few signs, but so far they’re not really taking.

still 7 teeth, which he allows to be brushed now and then. i’ll usually get in 2 good brushes and then he’s chomping down on the toothbrush and ‘reluctant’ to let it go. 

all in all, he’s awesome. doing great. i have a hard time believing he’s almost been around for a whole year. it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all. he’s still a baby! and a year’s a long time. on the other hand, i feel like we’ve always known him and loved him.

a few people have asked me recently when we plan to have a second. i laugh loudly and rudely in their faces. once i stop slapping my knees and wipe the tears from my eyes, i tell them we’re good for now. i don’t have the money or the staff to handle any more than we have on our plates right now.

one and one and one make three and that’s a pretty good number.

at least someone’s paying attention!

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