How Do I Love Thee, Baby Monster? Let Me Count the Ways

on this, my first mother’s day,
i want to take the time,
to tell you that i love you!
now be still and listen to my rhyme.

i remember almost a year ago
when you came out with a bang.
those parts have nearly recovered
from whence that shot rang. 

and then you were a tiny squirt
all bundled and squirmy,
cuddly and sweet,
but barely more human than wormy.

now you are sooooo big!
busy, smart, sweet and smiley!
you keep on trying to off yourself,
but, alas, we are still more wily.

being your mom
is simply the BEST!
i don’t even mind the rainbow of snot,
the pee in the mouth, or all the rest!

the sleeplessness and constant worry,
almost calling the pediatric urologist
for that #$$%# in your diaper
that turned out to be a blueberry.

so, what i am saying,
henry mcmonkey mcmonster mcboo,
is that i am SO thankful that you’re my kid,
and that you’re SUCH a wonderful YOU!

happy mother’s day to all my new mom friends and all the veteran moms who have helped us to survive so far!! love you all!!!

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