life has been pretty chaotic lately, what with me working long hours and robb training for a half ironman triathlon.

plus, henry has regressed majorly in his sleep abilities the last few weeks.

so i’m under-slept and over stressed. the house is clean-ish, the food is cooked-ish, the bills are paid-ish. but my taking any time for myself is not even ish-esh.

so i’m getting a much needed haircut at 8:30 tonight. i’ll hit up the other errant hair on my head and body some other time. perhaps by 2015.

i’m also possibly going to audition for a short play this weekend and maybe even get to work out a little.

henry’s 1st birthday (what?!) is next week, so i have a whole week off to celebrate and enjoy him with our families.

really looking forward to a vacation. and in the mix there is a massage and mani/pedi courtesy of my wonderful parents for my 1st mother’s day present!

so that should help.

but i pity the poor people who have to work on my feet! 🙂

in other news, henry is awesome. he is soooo close to walking. any day now, i think. (i believe that is why he’s not sleeping. he’s practicing walking in his dreams).

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