Monster Birthday Bash

so you know how we’ve always called henry “baby monster?” well, we decided to throw him a friendly monster themed 1st bday party. my parents hosted and they, along with my in-laws and my sister did SO much work getting everything just right. it was tons of fun. goofy, whimsical and even somehow relaxing. lots of folks were in monster-y costumes, we had fantastic monster decorations and games and we decorated monster cupcakes.

…best of all, i think henry loved it! he was sweet and happy and into all of it all day long. his new thing is saying “hiiiii” to people and waving. i guess that’s his official first word, since he seems to do it deliberately and ‘knows’ what it means.

he’s not quite walking, but he’s doing a lot of shuffling from person to person and lurching around. if you’re not paying enough attention to him, he’ll grab your hand to help him walk. adorable. any day now…

he had lots of firsts this weekend beyond the birthday. first cupcake (didn’t like much), first chinese food (did like), first trip to the beach (loved!), first swim in a big outside pool  (also loved) he had so much fun this weekend, sleep was not in the cards for him. so we’re back home now and are working on getting back into a routine. but won’t be surprised at all if this week is a little rough on him at daycare and such, after all the new and crazy times he had.

i know it will be rough for me. i get used to having him near me all day long and going back to work after a weekend is hard enough…after a whole week off, i’m going to miss him. he’s just so easy to be around. 🙂

anyway. enough sniffles. enjoy the party pics!

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