2nd Father’s Day (Old Hat Now)

wow. so sorry i’m a week late on this post. i can’t seem to sit down for more than a few minutes without falling asleep. but i’m awake and with it right now and here you go.

father’s day was wonderful! we had just seen our families for h’s bday last week, so it was just us for this father’s day.

robb’s back is giving him fits right now, so i ran by myself for a prostate cancer run sunday morning and the boys came to support me. then we wandered the zoo for a while (see monkeys, below).

then we went home and played and napped and later had a wonderful mexican dinner all together. followed by more cuddling and playing and enjoying the nice weather. it was wonderful.

last year what i remember about father’s day (less than 2 weeks after munchkin was hatched) was scrambling to get a picture album together in time for robb to take to work with him upon his return from paternity leave. i ended up in tears from frustration and exhaustion (“*sniff*i wanted it to be perrrrfect…*sniffle*…stupid shutterfly….*sniff* i’m so tirrrrred…”). and robb had to comfort me. 🙂 happy father’s day!

this year i am a bit more stable and things are a bit less chaotic.  🙂

so here’s to a wonderful dad! henry is one lucky scooter.

building forts for reading together!
daddy and henry taking swimming lessons

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