Summer Drinks….Mmmmmmm….

so i’ve decided it’s not fair that i hoard all the delicious recipes i make from you poor people.

most of what we make is pretty healthy. 90% vegan, but i’m out to prove that doesn’t mean it can’t taste great! so i’ll be sprinkling in some of my cooking adventures among my posts. enjoy!

first and foremost, here’s some frozen drink recipes. some boozy and some kid friendly. num.

1. “sweet cure for scurvy”- this one started when we need STAT margaritas for sitting by the pool…but didn’t have any tequila or limeade, sour mix, etc. so we found this ancient bottle of “sugar cane spirits” that may have been a rum or tequila-type liqueur? not sure. anyway. blended it with ice, orange juice, fresh oranges, little fresh lime juice and some turbinado sugar. you can figure out your own amounts based on preference. but it was sort of an orange julius, frosty OJ type thing and was DELICIOUS.

2. so days later i was dreaming about it at work and wanted to re-create it….but decided to make a version henry could share. (we try not to give him too much tequila. or tequila-like substances). 🙂 whatever tasty treats i make him, i always feel compelled to sneak in some healthy stuff, so….i started with ice and orange juice and a few oranges and a little lime juice and then added raw pumpkin seeds (full of iron + vitamin c of oranges = great iron absorption) and agave nectar and some fresh mint from our garden. and blended, blended, blended until it was kind of a thickened juice consistency. it was SO good! he couldn’t get enough of it. amazing. so flavorful and refreshing.

3. so THEN, i started thinking about alternatives. and i thought I LIKE MOJITOS. and i like frozen drinks. bam. lime juice and fresh limes, ice, turbinado sugar and fresh mint. blended down. dream-y. 

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