It Talks.

monkey has gotten very verbal lately. he chatters away to himself and to us constantly. and some of it is starting to make sense!

he mostly clearly and often without prompting will say “hi” and “tree” and “dog” and “uh-oh” and (fake sneeze) “acheeeeew” (which is funny, because we’ve been fake sneezing for so long now to make him giggle that when he real sneezes, he starts to laugh). and he will imitate other sounds we make, too. and he’s pointing at things he wants. it’s awesome.

and he signs “more” and “milk.” the latter, very aggressively and often while pointing to my tats. charming. 🙂

on a walk before work the other morning, robb took this audio of their conversation. there are some ambient nature noises, but if you can hang on through the whole thing, it’s worth it. adorable. 🙂 

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