Sweet Thirteen, Jellybean!

sir bubsalot turned 13 months yesterday. 

he is chattering away non-stop these days, with inflection and volume fluctuations (mostly loud to louder) and pointing to everything.

he’ll also take 8 steps very solidly until he notices that he’s walking, and then he collapses. he hits his head so often that whenever anyone says “OUCH!” he clutches his head and repeats “ouch!” even if it was a foot that was injured. even if it wasn’t his.

he is eating like a champ. favorites right now are blueberries (like a cup at a time, i’m afraid he’s turning violet, violet!) and avocados. he loves flavor. last night he shared mediterranean tempeh and hummus with us (see details in next post) and tonight it was fairly spicy thai food.

8 teeth and counting. i think molars are on there way. he drools so much it looks like he sprung a leak.

we  had an amazing weekend with my family on a big lake. it was so peaceful and relaxing and fun. he had two second cousins there- girls, 8 and 10, who had a ball with him. they got him practicing his walking and rolling a ball and neither of them cut his hair or put any makeup on him. i consider it a win.

the youngest took this pic on my iphone. the other 40 pics she took were of herself making a variety of silly faces and of awkward angles and compromising views of my aunts and uncles.

and now for your viewing pleasure…henry laughing and tormenting the dog, with the assist from the daddy.


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