It Turns Out Sleep Is Even Better Than I Remembered

sorry it’s been ages since i blogged. busy summer with lots of super fun small trips and lots of crazy busy days at work, etc, etc.

but i cannot blame a lack of sleep! monkey butt sleeps like a champ now! has for about a month. and i don’t want to curse anything (could just be a phase, always), but maybe we’re over some sort of hurdle. 

all the experts say sleep is just another skill they need to learn like walking and flinging pees so they hit you square between the eyes.

it’s amazing. all this time, the nighttime ritual we faithfully did seemed stupid because he never went down easily and didn’t stay asleep long anyway….but all of a sudden, all it takes is reading to him (we all cuddle in our bed for 3-5 books, depending on how persuasive he is), a few minutes of rocking in his bedroom w/ some lullabies on, and then i put him in his crib ass-end up while he’s still kind of awake, and he goes to sleep.

works for naps and bedtime. and he pretty much sleeps overnight from 8p-6a without waking up, although occasionally he fidgets for his pacifier or whatever. and then takes a 2-3 hr nap during the day.

and, man, this is so SO much better than it had been.

and just when robb and i are feeling like we’re waking from this year-long sleep-deprived hallucination, all the boneheads we know are asking us if we’re ready to have another baby.

uf! not now. wait until we’re far enough in the clear w/ henry that we forget just how little sleep it actually is when they’re newborns…then we’ll talk.

and, PS, there are still LOADS of teeth to come in on our current model, so all this bragging i’m doing right now might haunt me when i’m up at 2am with an angry drooling baby monster.

but right now, all is quiet and peaceful. and i like it. 🙂

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