15 Months is Fine, Fine, Fine

well, monkey hit 15 mos on the 8th. he’s been going through a lot of changes lately.

he has become SO verbal! he has tons of new words and seems to really be exploring his language. he copies a lot of what we say and comes up with new vocab seemingly out of the blue. on a walk the other day, he points up and says “mooooon,” accurately identifying a sliver of the moon. maybe he got it from reading ‘goodnight moon?’ we don’t know. can’t recall every pointing and identifying the moon to him before. he also (sometimes) says/signs please and thank you, which we’ve decided is really important. he also has a sign language book for animals, so he can sign dog and frog and others. it’s adorable.
 life (work) has been a bit chaotic lately, but this little boy is pure joy, and makes all the other stuff seem like small potatoes. he is so loving and funny and smart and goofy. life with him is a lot of fun.

we spent his 15 month day at a cool kids garden and sculpture park with both grandma’s, one of his great-grandmas, and his auntie E. it was a wonderful time. cool place and great company.

enjoy the pics! we’re heading to seattle this coming weekend, so follow for “adventures of a baby monster in the pacific northwest.”

can you imagine cleaning up after that horse? yowza.

crushing your head.

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