There is No Henry, Only Zuul.

several times in seattle, and again last night and tonight, henry wakes up in hysterics and is inconsolable. he bats away all attempts for comfort. even being held and rocked, sang to, pacifier…all of it is dead to him when he is beyond himself like that.

it’s really hard to see. and he just winds up higher and higher and is screaming- it sounds like it must be hurting his throat. and his little snot nose is running all over….it’s rough.

a change of scenery (taking him outside) or turning on “melmo” (the muppets dvd) will eventually calm him enough that he can be comforted and finally ushered back to sleep.

but when he’s full throttle, it’s almost like he doesn’t even see us.

i’m wondering if it’s night terrors. or teething- but he’s never responded to pain like this before. we give him motrin when he’s melting down, but it’s hard to know if that, or time, or kermit is what finally relaxes him.

we’re going to the peds for his 15 month appt tomorrow and we’ll talk to her about it then.

poor angel.

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