Happy Anniversary to My robb.

robb and i got married on october 5, 2002. i was 21 and he was 24.

we have great memories of that time. we had a beautiful wedding, some great showers (a tea party and a luau, how cool is that?) and a super fun honeymoon to toronto and stratford, on.

i’ve decided that weddings should happen a few years into a marriage. after 5-10 years or so, you need all the nice stuff that you didn’t register for when you were young and dumb and instead registered for movies and fly swatters at target (ok, we would still do all that today)…so you should get updated showers for things like the vitamix. (holla). also, this far into marriage, after i’ve learned some stuff, my vows are more specific. see below.

our original vows: “i take you, robb, to be my husband, and these things i promise you: i will be faithful to you and honest with you; i will respect, trust, help and care for you; i will share my life with you; i will forgive you as we have been forgiven and i will try, with you, to better understand ourselves, the world, and God, through the best and worst of what is to come as long as we live.”

those are still nice and still true, but i would now add the following:

-i vow to (try to) not drive on the neighbor’s lawn (as much) anymore when backing down the driveway.
-when we’re fighting, i vow to try to reach out to you and to always be kind and respectful (even if planning your death in my head)
-if you criticize how i do the laundry, i promise i won’t boycott it altogether and leave you with nothing but pajamas and neckties to wear to work (again)
-i have loved you for a long time. and i will always love you.
-i will always laugh next to you.
-i will always love talking to you
-i will always beat up the people who pick on you- even if it’s you (but not if it’s me)
-i will always love your smell (except when i’m pregnant)
-i will always be grateful for the following:
    -that you’re willing to deal with baby and dog poop when i’m dry heaving because one of them just
     crapped on the carpet/in the bathtub
    -that you are really good at maps and math and other stupid things that i hate
    -that you (almost) always laugh at my jokes
    -that you can, somehow, track my moods and ride along with me as they change *enthusiastically*
    -that you like the same movies i like (because “it’s not what you’re like, it’s what you like”)
    -that you like the same weird food i like (see above)
    -that you’re whimsical, fun, positive, and full of life
    -and, mostly, that’s not annoying
    -that you encourage me, strengthen me, and help me be my best me
    -that you make good popcorn
    -that you hang pictures really straight
    -that you don’t seem to mind when i make fun of your ocd tendancies (and regularly call you
     -that you give the world’s greatest hugs. for reals. greatest. ever. (i’ve even checked in australia)

we’ve been through a lot in the last 10 years. what we’ve done since we got married; the bullet items:

-we moved across the country and back
-we’ve bought and sold at least 6 cars, and bought 1 house
-we’ve been pregnant 3 times, resulting in 2 hard losses and 1 very special henry
-i finished 2 degrees 
-robb lost and kept off 80 lbs (woooo!) and got everything all tucked
-we’ve, together, competed in 5 half marathons, a full marathon, a couple of 25k’s and a few triathlons (robb > sarah, naturally)
-we were in several cover bands together, performing for, literally, dozens of people, and also did some live theater. robb has been in a few original bands and has albums out in the world
-we’ve adopted a gerbil (barry jive) and a greyhound dog (mrs. mia wallace) and have fostered several other greyhounds
-we were baptized(!) as adults, and we’ve been both elders and slacker members of several great churches
-we’ve met and kept some amazing friends from across the world, thanks to our travels and the intertubes
-we’ve traveled to paris, mexico, amsterdam (robb), and all over the US
-we’ve been blessed to celebrate many weddings, graduations, anniversaries and births with our families
-we’ve raised almost $10,000 toward leukemia and lymphoma research through ‘team in training’

a decade seems like forever and like no time at all. the first one has been amazing and we’re up for loads more to come.

love. so much love.

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