I is Me but Him is Henry

at the advent of henry’s english language learnin’, i’m finding a few things difficult to teach.

like pronouns.

child knows who henry is (the middle of his chest/forehead) and he knows “mine” and “me” but i don’t think he gets that that is all the same person(‘s). and the concept of “i” is totally lost.

like who am i? (the person typing)…i am mommy. and but i can’t both be “i” and “mommy”, can i? and if i’m “i” how can henry also be “i?” or am i “she?” or “her?” and what if i’m referring to the female dog when i say “her?”  and what about “him?” is daddy him? or henry?

but henry is “me!?”

it’s enough to make my head hurt. or more simply put, “mommy’s head hurts. enough of a lesson today, henry. mommy and henry will resume tomorrow. now go fetch mommy her mommy juice.”

you can see why kids are still referring to themselves in the 3rd person at ages 4 and 5.


and we haven’t even started tackling the concept of time yet! oy vey.

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