Fun to Be Away but So Good to Be Home

i turned 32 today. for some reason, this one is bothering me. i look old to myself in pictures. could be the stress of a new job, or my extra few lbs i seem to be lugging around lately, or my new super short (accidental) mom haircut, or, the strain on my liver of all the wine i drank this weekend….but something. but i just feel kind of meh.

and, i guess for a long time i’ve surrounded myself by friends who are a few years older than me. but in my new job, all the residents are a cute bubbly 26 and they dress cute and make pop culture references i have to pretend laugh at because i don’t understand them and….sigh.

but it wasn’t without much celebration! i had a beautiful weekend with my aunts and cousins and grandma, sister, and mom where we went wine tasting and ate ourselves sick, played games, and just generally enjoyed each other. it was wonderful.

and henry went with robb to visit his uncle and great aunt and they had a marvelous time. they swam at a club (no one pooped in the pool) and went to a halloween party where henry tried out his costume for the first time.

this is the first time i’ve been away from h monkey for 2 consecutive nights and….we both did fine. he is so much less dependent on me lately, it seems the umbilical cord has finally fallen off.

and, of course, i have mixed feelings on this. 🙂 but mostly i’m just really glad he’s well-adjusted enough that he can be with daddy and family and relax and enjoy w/o needing me all the time. it’s great for him and some freedom for me.

but, thankfully, he snuggled in with me when i came home and let me put him to bed. and i’m off work tomorrow, so, pending weather, we’re going to either go to the zoo or a museum or mall or something fun.

he’s such a little joy. and i am so stuffed full of cake and blessings. 🙂

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