17 Months of Wonder,

duckling is getting more and more fun every day. tonight, we literally rolled around laughing together from the time we got him home after work until we put him to bed. he PLAYS now. and sort of, kind of gets how jokes work. A-MA-ZING. i’ve loved every stage of him more than the last and this one right now is the best. naturally.

he loves books. he asks for them all the time and knows many by heart (starts to say/sign the next page before we get there, etc). he is stringing some words together (‘where blankie’ and ‘mommy juice’- no joke. he points to my wine and calls it mommy juice. so proud i could cry). he eats like a boss. usually when he wakes in the morning his first words are “EAT” or “HUNGRY” or “APPLE.” he still loves watching the muppets and is totally into fish. i have a new aquarium app on my phone that i am totally obsessed with he seems to really enjoy.

enough talking. time for the good stuff:

“henry ready go” is from swimming lessons. we say it to him right before we’re going to drop him/push him under water. good times had by all. 

i think he actually says “grover” and i correct him like a big mean jerk. therapy.


robb says tonight, “i think he’s too young to get complexes.”

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